The Longing Device - Album Launch Teaser

I’ve been working on this project for the last few days. It’s been such a pleasure to collaborate once again with Reid Willis. For those who don’t know him, he’s a New Orleans based electro-experimental-classical virtuoso and I highly recommend to check out his new and past work on Bandcamp and Spotify. The teaser features the track Vanity Seeds, for which we have further plans, but the entire album is truly mind-blowing.

As a designer, it was a great opportunity to put many tools to work together such as Mixamo, Houdini Vellum, X-Particles and Redshift. I had quite a lot of fun using GSG Gorillacam as well. The fonts used in the end tag are Typestar and Obvia - 2 current favourites. One of the coolest elements to work with was the explosive element at the end, an XP4 shockwave with advected RS sphere instances. Thanks for watching! FL

Music: Reid Willis - Vanity Seeds
Design + Animation: F. Lazzari